40057134Star’s Review 24/06/2018

True love has a way of finding you again.”

This is the second full length novel Marselas has released and it’s equally as captivating as the first.

A true second chance story finds us in the mind of Violet Spencer, a teenage girl who is being ripped away by her high-school boyfriend, Cooper.

Marselas has inserted flashbacks into the story, breaking up the drama by adding more, if that makes sense!

The two times often interlink, leaving the reader with an understanding of why they’ve said what they’ve said, or done what they’ve done. I applaud her for writing her story that way, not many people can weave it so intricately.

In the future chapters, we meet Violet again, freshly graduated and freshly single. Her besties, Alexa and Julie, manage to pull her out of her head and set off for Vegas for some much needed R and R.

Can’t blame them! (Psst, can I come too?)

Who could have ever imagined what would happen next?

Cooper Reid – yes, the same Cooper Vi had to leave four years ago! – enters the same bar Vi and her ladies are dancing in, flanked by some men in muscles… suits, I meant suits.

See, Cooper’s world famous now, with the voice of a God and the body of one too, he needs protection from the mad fangirls out to spend a night in heaven with him, only, he has his heart set on another.

The two star-crossed lovers once again intertwine in passion, romance and one Elvis impersonator. The spark between the two is immediate and draws one in completely.

The intricate way Erica has woven flashbacks into this story is unlike anything I’ve read before, and it’s like foreshadowing what’s to come as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the little flashes into their lives before they parted and what drove them to be apart for so long.

I’ve got to mention the love I have for Brody here as well. Cooper’s brother, and his best friend. Cooper’s always been protective of him, and you’ll have to read to find out why, but it’s heartwarming and made me cry when I first read it.

Their relationships with their friends are more like you’d expect from a family, which is exactly what Vi and Coop needed, but weren’t getting from their own flesh and blood (well, apart from her dad and his grandfather). Mothers really are the worst, aren’t they?

Overcoming their own trials, tribulations and troubles are no easy feat for this couple. They have obstacles to overcome, from their mother’s to the crazy fangirls who just don’t know when to stop. It’s a ride from beginning to end, one I didn’t want to get off of.

I read this book at least three times before I could truly process everything I was reading. Even then, after the third (and soon to be fourth) time, I was still falling farther in love with Cooper and Vi, with Alexa and Brody, with Dustin. I didn’t want to complete the story, and I hope Erica continues exploring the relationships within this close-knit family all of their own.

There’s comedy, romance, happiness, sorrow, loss, heartbreak, trust, anger… all the emotions on the radar for this captivating read. Marselas has a fan in me for life, and I highly recommend you jump on board as well.

Good things are on the horizon for this author.

Erica Marselas – I Found You

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