So Wrong

20181210_134313[11114]ARC Review: 3.12.2018 |Release Day: 7.12.2018

โ€œWe are born to do whatever it takes to protect the one we loveโ€ฆโ€

Erica Marselas has a knack for making forbidden feel so damn good. I remember reading Dirty Little Secrets and needing more than what sheโ€™d given me, and with So Wrong So Right, she delivers in spades.

And then some.

Weโ€™re introduced to a sixteen-year-old Abigail and are immediately thrown into her world, and that of her step-brother, Colin.

The product of two divorces drives these two together in ways that should set off seismic blasts. Abigail is no longer the apple of her mothersโ€™ eyes and Colin is treated about as well as a bag of hot garbage by the Devil incarnate, Abigailโ€™s stepfather: Victor.

Ugh, even the name sends shivers down my spine and I know itโ€™s only the start!

Abigail and Colin may be step-siblings by paper, but thereโ€™s something more brewing in their hearts, and in their minds. After fighting their feelings for so long, it all comes to a head at a long-awaited birthday party. Itโ€™s hot, melt in your mouth sweetness that doesnโ€™t last nearly long enough! Ericaโ€™s a tease here, and I love her for it.

What follows is hot and heavy, erotic and sensual torture that leaves us wanting more with every page turned. Childish games are played and emotions are heightened, but how can they not be in such an inescapable scenario?

In between the steam and fogged up glasses (I had to clean them twice!), we come to realise our Hero and Heroine are in more danger than we realised, and you can guess who hides behind door number three to rain on a beautiful parade. I wonโ€™t go into details, but my heart was stuck in my throat for most of the scene, but Erica actually managed to make me laugh in the end. A horrible situation, yes, but delivered with genius level thought.

I absolutely love this story, I love Abby and Colin, I love Tamara, I love Naomi and Johnโ€ฆ just everything. Being so wrong never felt so right.

Erica weaves their tale so well, weโ€™re not left thinking about how taboo this romance is, instead, weโ€™re rooting for them to find themselves, find their own happiness and find their own version of home, and if in the end, itโ€™s with each other, then Iโ€™m all for it.

So Wrong So Right is teeth-sinking, heart-breaking, soul-clenching goodness that absolutely should be read without a second thought.

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