ARC Review: 3.12.2018 |Release Day: 7.12.2018 “We are born to do whatever it takes to protect the one we love…” Erica Marselas has a knack for making forbidden feel so damn good. I remember reading Dirty Little Secrets and needing more than what she’d given me, and with So Wrong So Right, she delivers in … Continue reading

    Hey party people! Please welcome to the room, Carmel Rhodes! I was lucky enough to get to chat with this incredible woman on the verge of her brand new release: Lithium Oasis!   I’m feeling all the things. Nervous. Excited. Sad. Happy. Relived. Lithium Springs has been a huge part of my life … Continue reading

  Hey readers! I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with this incredible woman on the eve of her novel debut! Ember comes out October 1st and it is guaranteed to run the gauntlet of emotions through your body! Here's a little insight into the extraordinary Christi Whitson! This whole experience … Continue reading

Spoilers ahead! Don't say I didn't warn you! Release: October 1, 2018 | ARC Review: September 1, 2018 For this author’s first release, she’s smashed it out of the park. A story filled with heartbreak, loss, love, trust and finding oneself, what more could you want? Ember is the explosive first book in the Constant … Continue reading

🎸Book Cover and Blurb Reveal🎸 🎸Lithium Oasis is the final standalone book in the Lithium Springs series by the talented Carmel Rhodes. 🎸About the author. Writer of words. Mother of Joy. Wife of Compassion. Carmel likes to write stories about real people who go through real struggles, and come out the other side stronger. She … Continue reading

Here is where you get to find out the latest and greatest about upcoming releases and special giveaways authors' hold! Make sure you check back often for updates and remember to stalk these incredible people!   ARC Review   Lithium Oasis: Book Cover and Blurb Reveal Interview with Carmel Rhodes Interview with the Author ARC … Continue reading

Star’s Review 24/06/2018 “True love has a way of finding you again.” This is the second full length novel Marselas has released and it’s equally as captivating as the first. A true second chance story finds us in the mind of Violet Spencer, a teenage girl who is being ripped away by her high-school boyfriend, … Continue reading

Welcome to Starry Reads, a corner of the universe I slip away to time and time again to escape my own reality (although, it's really just procrastinating that horrible thing called editing). Starry Reads is all about you! And me, sometimes. I love reading, I love writing, so why not combine the two for an … Continue reading